Buffalo’s Stack ‘n’ Sync

Slot Overview: Buffalo Stack ‘n Sync

To have some fun with this review, I’ll start with a line from Jim Morrison: “We are from the west. Our proposed future is akin to a new wild west… Odd and very disturbing. Where the sun sets… Wild West-themed slot machines would have been a good match for Jim had he not taken the stage as the lead singer of the psychedelic rock band The Doors. Even if Hacksaw Pgslot Gaming’s Buffalo Stack’n’Sync isn’t the gunslinging version, we’ll go with it nevertheless because it’s situated on the Great Plains, which are located west of the Mississippi River.

Hacksaw has populated the area with cactus and rock formations, giving the game an eerie and satisfying sense of isolation. This is the kind of area where phantasmal gurus take intrepid explorers on spiritual excursions, where they can become lost and then rediscover themselves. To paraphrase Hacksaw, it is a location with “great buffalo, soaring eagles, and grass swaying in the wind.” The grass is sparse, to be perfectly honest. However, there are a plethora of animals, lead by bison, which play a pivotal role in setting off Buffalo Stack’n’Sync’s most thrilling moments.

Buffalo Stack’n’Sync isn’t the most erratic slot game Hacksaw Gaming has created, but it still gets a volatility rating of 4 out of 5. As is the norm these days, the RTP varies, so keep that in mind; the best version has a return value of 96.36 percent. As the theoretical return improves by purchasing any of the three feature choices, this holds true at least for “natural” play. Buffalo Stack’n’Sync may be played for anywhere from 10 cents to £/€100 per paid gaming round, regardless of the device used to access the game.

Buffalo Stack’n’Sync’s reels are arranged in a 5×4 grid, and the game’s 10 fixed paylines run horizontally across the screen. Players earn money on these paylines whenever three or more matching symbols appear in a row, beginning at the left. The high-paying symbols are depictions of horses, cougars, wolves, eagles, and bison, while the lower-paying ones are the usual playing card values of 10-A. When playing with standard playing cards, a successful line of five of a type pays 2–4 times the wager, whereas a winning line of five premium symbols pays 10–20 times the wager. Five cactus wilds on an active payline are worth as much as five bison symbols, and they can occur on any reel.

Features of the Slot Game Buffalo Stack’n’Sync.

In Buffalo Stack’n’Sync, there are a few more symbols that may be used to activate special features. The bonus icon shows up only in the main game, whereas the Stack’n’Sync icon can appear at any time and the Stack sign only appears during Stampede Spins. This is how they function.


If a Stack’n’Sync (S’N’S) symbol appears, the corresponding reel will get an additional 15, 30, 45, or 60 symbols of the same kind. Also, for every S’N’S icon that appears, you’ll get an extra respin. If more S’N’S symbols appear during a respin, the new reels will be synchronized with the stacked reels.

Reels of a Stampede

When multiple buffalo symbols land on a reel, they combine to form a Stampede Reel, awarding a multiplier of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, or 100 times the total bet. The only way these reels may connect to other reels is through buffalo symbols. If more than one Stampede Reel is utilized, all of the multipliers will be applied to the buffalo win.

Bonus Turns

You’ll win 10 bonus games if you get 3 of the fiery scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. In theory, your chances of landing stacks of buffalo symbols improve during the free spins phase since high paying symbols appear stacked more frequently than in the basic game.

Tumbling Stampede

The bonus round is triggered by collecting 4 bonus symbols and features reels filled with either buffalo symbols, Stack symbols, or worthless skull symbols. When a stack symbol appears, anywhere from five to sixty buffalo symbols will replace any skulls on the corresponding reel. Each Stack icon in view also awards an extra free spin.

Money in the Bank Bonus

If it’s there, clicking this will open up three further purchasing choices. To start, you can win 15x your wager during a gaming round that guarantees an S’N’S symbol and at least one respin (RTP 96.4%), 100x your wager during free spins (RTP 96.46%), or 250x your wager during Stampede Spins (RTP 96.5%).

Slot Review: Buffalo Stack ‘n Sync

Hacksaw’s use of a familiar trope after Hand of Anubis and Itero raised some eyebrows. But as usual, they’ve utilized their inventive skills to make a slot that combines old and modern features, which should appeal to gamers searching for a game with some volatility. Although we refer to Buffalo Stack’n’Sync’s volatility in the milder sense, it may be extremely severe at times. Some have observed that playing on a Hacksaw slot machine can be a “Lambo or Ramen” affair, while Buffalo Stack’n’Sync need not worry about vanishing into obscurity in the event that it fails to get viral. That might make some players excited for the task, while others run for cover.

We have grown to expect innovation from each new Hacksaw release, and Buffalo Stack’n’Sync lives up to that standard. When broken down, Buffalo Stack’n’Sync is not a complicated system. To complete the objective and earn line winnings, players must first land S’N’S tiles to stack symbols on the reels. The more respin attempts you can get out of a single spin, the better, but the objective is to stack bison to generate Stampede Reels. For those who are interested in the bonus but don’t want to spend as much money on it, the 15x entry-level feature buy may be a good compromise.

While the Stampede Spins bonus feature is a step up in complexity, it can still be frustrating if stacks of bison symbols keep getting added to the same reel(s) and you never manage to win. Stacked bison produce Stampede Reels, which may result in substantial multipliers if luck is on your side. Buffalo Stack’n’Sync can shoot off winnings of up to 10,000x the bet when it’s on fire. A fair sum, however Bison Battle by Push Gaming would be a better option if you’re looking for more kick. Nonetheless, both games are worthy alternatives that make clever use of their gameplay to go above the constraints of their formulaic subject matter.






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